Saturday, November 26, 2005

An insider's report on Summers Placements @ IIM Bangalore

A somewhat late review of the summer placement in IIM Banaglore (Nov 8 - Nov 12, '05)
In a few words, Summer placement process is not too transparent and is open to interpretation and guyz who are not so lucky (like me) had to go through the tortuous path of pain and agony before getting placed.
I was lucky in one sense that i managed an international placement - i was called the pseudo day 0 guy in campus for a few days. (Day 0 - the first day of placements when all the coveted i-banks come to campus offering those huge mind boggling pay packages).
Before being placed, I had to sit for GDs after GDs and interviews after interviews and companies passing rude comments "How is your work exerince valid in our firm?" I was ushered in from one interview hall to another by volunteers enough to the extent that i sometimes had to strain myself to remember which company's interview i was sitting in. In fact on one ocassion, a friend of mine forgot which company's interview he was in - he still managed to give those arbit globe answers and guess what! the company recruited him.
I was god damn relieved to be out of the cruel process but atleast felt elated to have got a US placement. Around me were a lot of people who still were fighting to get placed and emotionally reaching their lows. I had to be around with them, give them the required support and encouragement - a gesture of repayment of what i got from a few of my friends who were placed early.

The entire batch of 233 was placed by day 2.
Kudos to the Placement Committee of IIM Bangalore!


At 10:20 AM, Blogger raju said...

seri seri

At 10:10 PM, Blogger nikhil said...

congrats on ur placement!. I am another one of the CAT aspirants.


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